In this picture you may have a look at my "Belle ragazze". Stina sits in my Spider Gina just in front of a nice Villa at Lago Maggiore in Italy. June 1996



Scott Johnson in the US had this Kamm-tail in 1995



David Caparo's and Frank Saya's matching white 69 1750 spider veloces - Sydney Australia Bboth are imaculately restored and are identical !!! We are good friends and take the cars out together often, we turn a lot of heads !!! We recently used 4 white round tails at Davids wedding!!!     saluti!!! Frank


Hi Wille... finally dug up these duetto wedding pics to add to your gallery !! (David Capraros wedding Sydney, Australia) pics are only low res. but the duettos still look fantastic ! keep up the good work! Grazie !
Frank Saya Sydney Australia

Some years ago I told Frank that there were some more Duettos in his town. He did not know of these cars, but he contacted them through the Duertto register. The E-mail and name appear there plus the nation. Easy to use the Internet. They met and drove around when they were overtaken and stopped. It was another Duetto owner, David Capraro who was getting married some weeks later. The Duetto owners decided to make a nice convoy of Spiders to celebrate this event. And here they are.