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what a happy day

From: Wilhelm Roos <>

Subject: what a happy day
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:40:48 +0200

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Today I had a wonderful time. My 67 Spider Veloce is finally back in my garage after new paint. I drove back to her home completely nude and stripped (the car, that is). No license plates, no chrome, no headlights, no interior, nothing but engine, gearbox and brakes. That's quite a feeling driving like our ancestors The new original color Rosso PininFarina was hard to get but I managed. The sun was shining and chasing the clouds away from the blue sky. I met the local Law, but the traffic was so intensive, they couldn't find a place to turn back after me. I saw them for a few seconds in the rear mirror fading away. I drove on some rather small roads for a few minutes to be sure and everything went OK.

Back in the garagae, the Spider was standing there shining like in May 1967, when she left Arese. The radio was playing Jerry Lee Lewis, he's doing a concert and a show here on March 27. Mrs and me are going there of course. The next tune was by Jan and Dean and then came Connie Francis. What a day.

I took my time and started to mount the Carrellos and bumpers. It all went so smooth that I was singing. Imagine the joy of a show room Spider.

Even the neighbour came and said hello. He hasn't spoken to me for two years. His cat had an accident in my garage. She was doing a little natural need (pee) in my car, and got hit by the acetylen welding flame. It was quite visible and the smell was terrible. The cat stayed away for three weeks, but I of course denied every knowledge of that matter.

I can feel that there's spring in the air and I feel so exited about driving my Spider again. Oh, happy glorious Alfa, you give me inspiration so I might forget taxes, gas prices, Maschhdaz, the neighboors cat and traffic jam. Tomorrow I'll mount the hood I got on my 50th anniversary.

When I returned home, I found out that I didn't have to go to visit my brother in law either. Thanx Alfa.


Now, another thing that you Alfisti might have some information about.

A friend of mine has a US Ford Mercury Monarch Ghia 1976 in mint condition and needs some spares like weather strippings and window seals. If you know of anyone who trades this kind of spares, please e-mail. Thanx

Wille R

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