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Duetto and sling balls

From: W Roos 1750 Spider <>
Subject: Duetto and sling balls
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 17:55:54 +0200

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Not so much alfa content, but there is a Roundtail here.

Here in Scandinavia we have this tradition every spring time. When
the student graduate from college, we are all very happy and celebrate quite hard. I think it's the same all over the world.

The parents celebrate even harder and are very motivated, since the graduation means that their mutual product, i.e. son or daughter, will finally leave home. No more quarrel about the remote control and listening to that heavy disco music, no no, and you may have the car for your self. The standard procedure is to get a nice vehicle, decorate it with flowers and ribbons, making a Jefferson Airplane fan jealous, remember flower power? The most popular vehicles are naturally convertibles, like Duettos.

It is also habitual to throw a silk baby shoe and some rice on the happy student. Females think this is "chique" (pretty or nice). Now, I was asked to do the transport for a friend's boy yesterday, in my Duetto '67.

Ok, it's fun to show what you got (the Duetto, no offence) so I decorated my Spider and it looked just as if it was taking part at Woodstock '68 with all the flowers.

Now, my friend has two sons, 8 and 19 years old. The kid had adopted the idea about the shoe and throwing rice. He had been practising for some days when I noticed that he never hit the plastic ball he used as his brother. I showed him how to aim and made him a sling-ball and threw the hammer. He was utterly interested and the next day he hit the plastic ball eight times of ten. Well done.

Yesterday morning, the kid came around and said he wanted to play
with my old army boots, like kids do. No problem, he got them and went away. I normally smell trouble, but not so this time.

Well, the student graduated and the big brother was sitting with his girlfriend in my Duetto, holding hands behind the anti-roll bar. People were throwing rice and silk shoes and everybody was happy and singing. The convoy was moving forward when I spotted the kid brother.

He was holding the shoe laces of my old army boot and slinging it like an engine at 7.000 revs! Before I had the time to twinkle my eye, he trew it away like a hammer. It was full with rice and that made it look like a comet with a sparkling tail.

The boot hit his brother just under his right eye and he fell back over the bonnet, almost unconscious. He stretched out his arm as a
reflex to hold something, but unfortunaltely he grabbed his girlfriend's dress which was almost torn to pieces.

The student was hanging over my hood with his nose bleeding and
his girlfriend was screaming and trying to hide her charms. I paniced and pressed the brakes so hard, that the next vehicle ran into my Roundtail. Such an embarrassment. Everybody was laughing and yelling, which made the girlfriend furious and she is now an ex girlfriend. The blood spoiled the clothes and it looked like a real genuine Rambo-movie.

Of course everybody put the blame on me, since I was laughing and
the kid brother said that it was me who had made him do it!

Lucky he didn't hit the Duetto!


Wille R

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