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Via Veloce by Wille R.     On the Internet since November 1995 and still here.

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More than 1300 Alfa Romeo Round-tail Spiders here! On the Internet since 1995.
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Nordkapp 2009, the program is here!

Veloce videos. Italian Tours and Mille Miglia!
See all of them here

Italian Tour again 2006. From Scandinavia to Puglia and Rome, Italy
September 10 - October 5 2006. Read about the Tour here


Read about our previous Limburg Spider meetings here!

Richard Winter's  Adventures Italiano Richard left us in August 2005. R.I.P. Read about this true Alfista and his Italian adventures.

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Welcome to Scandinavia and Sweden in Europe. My Alfa Romeo Via Veloce sites cover the following topics. I started these sites on the Internet November 1995 and have spent a lot of time with the articles, so please do not copy them all over. If you have any comments or wish to add something, please send an E-mail. I always try to answer by return and might be able to help you with your enquiries, so you are always welcome. 

I live in Scandinavia in Europe and have been an Alfista since the beginning of the -60's and I am still as thrilled as the first time.

"Never worry about old troubles with your Alfa Romeo. Soon you will get new problems instead".

Enjoy!          Wille R.

Updates. A few updates. The list is not complete of course, but well worth reading.
  • August 2005
    Richard Winter's  Adventures Italiano
    Richard left this world in August 2005. R.I.P. read about this true Alfista and his Italian adventures.
  • March 2 2005
    Spiders 1966-1994 check the points of significance over the years
  • May 2 2004
    Tuning   Webers & carbs and spark plug info has been updated
  • February 10 2004
    Autumnal Adventures Italiano, 2003 of Richard and Ann Winter. A true Alfista with lots of spirit!
  • December 2 2003
    The has passed 1 300 members which makes it the biggest Alfa Romeo register on the Internet!
  • November 29 2002
    The has now more than one thousand members
  • September 16 2002
    Get the proper tool dimensions.
  • January 12 2002
    How to identify a camshaft by the number
  • September 2 2001
    Lay-out links verified.
  • August 2 2001
    Refreshed lay-out.
  • July 12 2001
    Pictures from the Limburg Spider Meeting.
  • March 12 2001
    Limburg Spider Meeting, time to plan your trip.
  • February 23 2001
    The gallery has been refreshed again. Now with thumbnails of the photos. Welcome to browse.
  • February 20 2001
    The gallery has been updated. More than 100 Alfa Romeo friends show their cars for you to admire!
  • February 8 2001
    The Duetto wedding in Australia!
  • January 3 2001
    dot Swedish buyer's guide
  • January 1 2001
    dot Limburg Swedish article
  • December 25 2000
    dot FAQ in Swedish
  • November 2 2000
    Complete new design with frames.
  • October 21 2000
    Limburg report published.
  • July 22 2000
    Log updated.
  • May 21 2000
    Weber adjusting instructions revised.
  • February 12 2000
    Complete engine and chassis number table.
  • January 8 2000
    Price survey.
  • January 2 2000
    New layout. All sites on the same server.
  • December 28 1999
    Links verified.
  • December 14 1999
    Buyer's guide in Swedish.
  • December 12 1999
    Buyer's guide extended.
  • December 8 1999
    Chassis numbers list completed.
  • November 12 1999
    Alfista story. Newspaper pictures added.
  • October 17 1999
    Limburg report refreshed again. September 10 1999
    Color codes refreshed.
  • September 2 1999
    Pics from Alfa friends added.
  • August 9 1999
    Limburg report refreshed.
  • July 10 1999
    Limburg report.
  • July 8 1999
    Log updated.
  • June 18 1999
    Color codes for 105 cars updated.
  • May 8 1999
    Weber adjusting procedure extended.
  • May 2 1999
    AROC links updated.
  • March 28 1999
    Spelling check.
  • February 14 1999
    Rims for the Alfa Romeo refreshed again.
  • January 29 1999
    Rims for your 105 Alfa refreshed.
  • January 14 1999
    Removing the engine updated and extended.
  • January 9 1999
    Weber carbs.
  • December 29 1998
    Pistons and liners.
  • December 10 1998
    Rosso color codes refreshed.
  • November 21 1998
    Radiator and coolant, new text added.
  • September 30 1998
    Story "it started in Italy . . ." rephrased.
  • August 20 1998
    New pictures and text added.
  • February 21 1997
    The color codes for the red paint.
  • June 3 1997
    How to adjust with the speedometer.
  • April 9 1997
    How to remove the engine as a unit.
  • April 5 1997
    First report about the chassis numbers and VIN.
  • March 14 1997
    The cat story upsets the entire Internet.
  • February 21 1997
    The color codes for the red paint introduced.
  • January 1 1997
    The electrical system and the ammeter.
  • October 15 1996
    The Roundtail Spider Register starts.
  • October 30 1996
    The gallery starts. Web-friends send photos of their Spiders. Nice site.
  • June 30 1996
    I have collected some good vendors of Alfa Romeo spares.
  • May 5 1996
    I wrote an article about the greasy friend, the oil.
  • May 1 1996
    Production figures for the Spiders. This site has been refreshed several times.
  • February 22 1996
    Mech high-lights. General information about how to DIY.
  • February 2 1996
    The specifications and details of the Roundtail Spiders.
  • January 19 1996
    Spider pedigree and more about the Spiders.
  • January 5 1996
    My experiences and theories about the cooling system.
  • November 15 1995
    The Welcome site was my first project on the web .

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