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a good chuckle


Got a good chuckle about all your posts (on the roundtail site) re: cat flaming. I must apologize for the hysterical behaviour of my countrymen. Americans have become such a reactionary, politically-correct bunch of wackos!!

My dad's favorite saying was "a good cat is a dead cat." Dad would never have killed a cat but sure didn't like them. I don't either. Sure I'll pet one and the kittens are cute but the basic behaviour of cats is not what I would describe as "domesticated."

I esp. liked the post from the guy who noticed that the Alfa folks didn't get upset, just the Italian Digest folks. I really don't believe that his assumptions are true but I sure realized that you weren't barbecuing cats. You were lucky to catch any fur at all. I doubt any cat would stand still enough to let a torch burn at all! I just imagined a funny (not really though) cartoon of you with craZed eyes holding this stupid cat in your hand as you applied the heat from a full-blown cutting torch! Chuckling with that crazed laugh of a mad scientist!

Sure hope none of these folks ever travel to China where they serve (at certain times and places) Dog and cat. Can you imagine the horror of these people upon seeing that on the menu? When I was there two years ago we saw dog on the menu. It doesn't make them barbarians just different. Different is OK. God forbid we all think alike!

Keep on motoring,

Michael Williams


Sacramento, California

Damn, its HOT here!


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