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Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 - 1969 FAQ --

The 1750 Veloce interior

In broad terms the 1750 Spider’s cabin architecture was carried over from the Duetto. Only minor changes could be discerned, perhaps the most evocative being the steering wheel, a completely new design that was also shared with the new 1750 GT Veloce. It was still a three-spoke design but it had a wooden rim and the horn push buttons set in the metal spokes were now longer.

The ashtray was of a completely new design, a larger chrome rectangle being sited in a similar position to before, just aft of the gear lever. It consisted of a tray with a sliding cover and a twist-grip cigarette lighter, sandwiching a black panel with an Alfa Romeo badge on it. As before, you simply inserted your cigarette into the lighter and pressed down the outer edge to activate the electric element, which automatically switched off after a few seconds. The gear lever gaiter was of the bag type, and the gear-knob now incorporated a representation of the shift pattern.

The seats were the same as on the Duetto, with the later-type rough-grain finish. Adjustable head restraints were optional.  The tilting mechanism was altered slightly from chassis number 1410492 (LHD), and this was fitted to all RHD cars. The choice of interior trim colors was black, deep purple, red or beige. There were two carpeted sections, one covering the gearbox and one the transmission tunnel, available in a choice of three colors: charcoal, deep purple or red. Right-hand drive cars were also available with a matt finish type of rubber front mat.

The glove box also gained a different lock and handle arrangement. In place of the twist lock, there was a simple key-operated lock supplemented by a toggle to pull the lid down. This changed slightly from chassis number 1411246 (LHD)/1470011 (RHD), when the glove box was altered, complete with a new inner trim and light switch. The dash panel changed again slightly from chassis number 1411860 (LHD).

Very early on in the Spider’s production life, the rail at the top of the windscreen and the dipping rear-view mirror changed (from chassis number 1410230 (LHD) and 1470001 (RHD)). There was a different windscreen completely for the Swedish market.

Also the door latch opening bar altered slightly from chassis number 1412073 (LHD), the new type being fitted to all RHD cars. The same was true of a new type of front quarter light (fitted from chassis number 1410280).

1300 Junior

Generally speaking the 1300 Junior shared most of the changes of the 1750 Spider Veloce inside the cabin. One important exception was the steering wheel: unlike the new wood-rim wheel in the 1750, the Junior had a plastic-rimmed wheel similar in design to that of the old Duetto’s, but with only two metal spokes; each of these had a black horn push set into it.

Other minor differences were the old-style smaller ashtray (but with no cigar lighter fitted), black rather than chrome dipping rear-view mirror surround and redesigned seats with no tilt knob.

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