Alfa Romeo Duetto Register by Wille R.

Via Veloce by Wille R.    since November 1995 and still here.
First published 2 November 1997

Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 -1969 FAQ.            

Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 The Duetto.      Una storia di emozione allo scoperto.

dotThe Duetto story in short. 

dotUna storia di emozione allo scoperto. I'm Wille R. 

dotWhere does the word "Spider" come from?

dotThe name "Duetto" was from a contest, right?

dotThe Duetto was launched in Geneva March 10 1966

dotThe Duetto at the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico

dotThe headlamp cowls were a standard in Europe?

dot The Carello cowls

dotThe chassis and body features and tools

dotWhat about the interior in the Duetto?

dotThe body trim.

dotThe rear-view mirror.

dotThe instruments and gauges were different?

dotThe hood
/Soft top was always black?

dotWas the engine the same in the Giulia GT?

dotFive speed gearbox was a standard from the start

dotThe wheels and tyres

dotThe suspension was from the Giulia, right?

dotThe steering system

dotThe Duetto brakes came from two different suppliers

dotThe Duetto was a movie star in The Graduate.

dotThere were three Duettos  in The Graduate.

dotThe scenes with the Duettos  acting in The Graduate.

dotThe detailes of the Duettos in the Graduate movie.

dotProduction figuresnumbers  and price 

dotThe dimensions of the Duetto

dotWhich colors were the originals

dotPhotos of the Duetto colurs

dotMore colour codes

dotUseless knowledge, prices and numbers but  . . .

dotAbout the desgn process  . . .

dotAnd some pictures of how they might have looked like . . .  

dotWho owns a Duetto
1750 Spider Veloce

dotIs the 1750 Veloce the same as the Duetto?

dotWas the body the same as the Duetto?

dotWhat about the interior?

dotWhat about the instruments?

dotThe electric system was more powerful, or?

dotThe 1750 Veloce engine

dotThe gearbox and transmission

dotThe wheels and tyres

dotThe US 1750 Spider Veloce features

dotThe US 1750 Spider Veloce SPICA system

dotThe suspension

dotThe steering

dotThe brakes

dotThe original colors and other options

dotProduction figuresnumbers and price

dotThe dimensions of the 1750 Spider Veloce

dotWho owns a Duetto

The 1300 Spider Junior

dotThe body trim

dotThe interior and instruments

dotPhotos of a nice 1300 Junior

dotMore hotos of a nice 1300 Junior details 

dotThe electric system, engine and transmission

dotProduction figures, numbers and price

dotOwner's manual/Instruction book

dotWho owns a Duetto

dotReference books and more and from the 

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