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Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 - 1969 FAQ --

The brakes

The ATE brake discs were now larger. 10.5in at the rear, compared to 9.7in on the Duetto and were now made exclusively by Ate, including the callipers. However Ate made the master cylinder only for left-hand drive cars. On right-hand drive cars, which had of course different piping, Bonaldi made the master cylinder to a slightly different design. There was also now a pressure-regulating valve for the rear brakes, and the rotors were enlarged slightly.

Twin Lockheed brake servos were fitted, later. The first cars had only a single circuit system. The twin system had one booster for the front brakes and one for the rear; these were mounted to the left of the engine bay. A tandem master cylinder controlled the vacuum boosters. RHD cars had a different booster arrangement. 

Inside the Lockheed booster.

Finally the handbrake was now incorporated into the hat section of the rear discs. It operates by a cable and a shoe lever on each wheel. To adjust the effect you first adjust the cable. Then if needed you remove the rear wheels and look through the inspection hole in the drum. The hole  should be in a forward position so you see the cog wheel in brass.

It has normal threads so to increase the effect you turn the cog wheel using a screw driver clock-wise. To release turn it anti clock-wise.  Try the handbrake during the process to see that it is fulle diengaged whne released.



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