The wiring harness The ammeter Engine oil
The wipers LED instr. light LED Repeaters and tail lights

LED Repeaters

I have LED amber bulbs in my repeaters. Just changed the old ones, standard BA1156. I like any safety equipment. The LED bulbs are very bright. If you change too, be sure to get AMBER, orange bulbs.

A repeater relay for LED bulbs

Amber/yellow LED Silica bulbs. Silica means that the LED bulb has the same colour all over. If you use a regular LED it might not be red or amber when illuminated. 

I have these on my Duetto repeaters. They are perfect but hard to find.

Another amber type


Tail light and fog light with LED. I just repkaced the original backing bulb with a red LED silkica. Works great, Be sure to get the LED Silicaa in the same color as the lenses.


I use this one as the brake/tail light. It is very bright. Also from Ebay