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Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 - 1969 FAQ --

Useless knowledge but . . .

Did you know that:

  • On its introduction in March 10th 1966, one writer commented that it was "a contrived design with meaningless styling gimmicks that would not last for long".
  • The choice for the name of the new car was decided by a competition. The name Duettowas chosen from 140.000 entries. The winner, Sig. Guidobaldi Trionfi from Brescia, got a brand new car as a prize. Among the other suggestions included Gina Lollobrigida, Bardot, Piranha, Acapulco, Shakespeare! Al Capone, Pizza, Stalin, Sputnik, Edelweiss, Gin, Strip, Goal and Hitler! Duetto is nicer, much nicer.
  • When it was launched in the UK, it was priced 1.895 or almost as a Jaguar E-type and twice the price of a Triumph TR4.
  • When the "Kamm-tail" was unveiled in 1970, Road &Track commented "The body is dated and the ergonomics are outdated". I wonder what the say in 1999?
  • Alfa Romeo had such trouble meeting the Californian emissions regulations that it briefly had to abandon its most lucrative market in 1975 while Alfa developed a catalyst version.
  • Manufacture of a version to meet the British Type Approval became uneconomic. UK import ceased in 1977 but the last one was sold in 1978.
  • Dustin Hoffman saved the gorgeous Katherine Ross from a marriage worse than death, despite his red Spider running out of petrol, in the film "The Graduate" in 1968.
  • There were three different Duettos used in the movie
  • Young model linda Gray shows her leg in the poster for the movie, where Dustin Hoffman is looking at her leg and stockings.
  • The Spider was sold in the US as a "Graduate" model during the 80's.
  • The car that was described in 1977 as a "collector's piece still available new off the shelf" was still available as new in 1994.
  • The Spider was Battista Pininfarina's last complete design before he died.
  • Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto (1966) Price 2.312.800 Lire
    Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce (1967) Price 2.312.800 Lire
    Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior (1968) Price 1.796.000 Lire
  • Alfa Romeo Duetto / Spider, Model numbers 105/115 (1966-1993): 124.105 cars,
    which were
    Alfa Spider 1600 (1966-1967): 6.325 cars
    Alfa Spider 1750 Veloce (1967-1970): 5.497 cars
    Alfa Spider 1300 Junior (1968-1970): 2.680 cars
    Alfa Spider 1300 Junior (1970-1977): 4.556 cars
    Alfa Spider 1750 Veloce (1970-1971): 3.234 cars
    Alfa Spider 2000 Veloce (1971-1982): 16.320 cars, grand total 22.059 including USA-Version
    Alfa Spider 1600 Junior / 1600 Veloce (1972-1980): 4.848 cars
    Alfa Spider 1.6 (1983-1989): 5.400 cars
    Alfa Spider 2.0 (1983-1989): 31.808 cars, including 19.040 USA-Version
    Alfa Spider 1.6 (1990-1992): 2.951 cars
    Alfa Spider 2.0 (1990-1993): 18.456 cars

Some of the Duetto spiders were alsy modifed for racing.  Here are shots of Duetto racers.

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