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Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966 - 1969 FAQ --

The electric system

The major change for the 1750 and 1300 was the substitution of an alternator for the dynamo. This was more in keeping with the times and the perceived quality of the Spider. The alternator was also more powerful, for the 1750 at least, at 420 Watts. The Bosch unit’s precise part number was 0120 400 528 (also listed as K1(R.L) 14V 35A20). 

The standard battery was 50 A/h (with a dry-charge item as an alternative), with 60 A/h being fitted to export cars. The Scandinavian market required 60Ah for instance. The distributor also evolved mildly, going from a Bosch ‘041’ JF4 unit to an ‘044’ JF4 unit for later cars.

Another change was the fitment of a Bosch WS4908 AR2 A(0) two-speed wiper motor, replacing the single-speed wipers of the Duetto

All the lighting was by Carello, except for the tail lamps by Altissimo and the side indicators (which could also be by Altissimo in place of Carello). Different front indicator lenses were fitted on cars destined for German, Austrian, Danish and British markets, while different sidelight lenses were fitted for the German market. A hazard warning light circuit and combined dashboard switch/light was fitted for German and American market cars.

The duo-tone horn was by Fiamm or Mixo; the indicator unit was by Altissimo, Carello or Sipea in Europe, or only Carello/Sipea in the USA; the indicator relay was by Mixo or Sipea.

I have replaced the traditional fog light bulb with a redone. LED is much brighter and I never had any use of the backing light anyway. I kept the original lense, so nobody will notice, unless the fog light is turned on.

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