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Back Next First published 1995 November 12

Nuts, bolts and wrenches and dimensions plus weight of engine components

Here are some of the dimensions for the Alfa Romeo Spiders and other models. This is just to give you some clues about the tools you need. If you get a set containing the folowing sizes, you can do it all yourself.

10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 27mm, 32mm and finally 36mm.

All dimensions are in millimeeter. The list is almost complete but I do appreciate comments, so please send me an E-mail.

Crank front pulley nut 36 mm
Head bolts 19 mm
Cam shaft bearings 13 mm
Exhaust manifold nuts 13 mm early / 12 mm late
Intake manifold nuts 13 mm
Top chain tensioner bolt 14 mm
Cam cover 10 mm / 11 mm
Oil pan upper part 11 mm
Oil sump lower section 10 mm
Starter engine 13 mm
Alternator 19 mm
Fly wheel bolts 17 mm
Clutch 13 mm
Gear yoke 32 mm
Rear axle pinion 32 mm
Main bearing nuts 17 mm
Connecting rod nuts 14 mm
Oil plug 27 mm
Oil filter cartridge cannister 22 mm
Gear box oil plug 14mm in-6
Differential oil plug 14mm in-6
Gear box nuts 13 mm

Engine weights

The 105 engine componets have the following estimated weights.

Engine component/part(s) approx. figures of course Lbs Kg
Front cover w/ dist. water pump, gear, fuel pump, chain drive reduction gear. 17 8
Crankshaft, flywheel, clutch assembly, pulley, gears, nut. 70 32
Block w/ bearing caps, thick rear reinforcement plate, head nuts, etc. 45 21
Head w/ cam cover, tensioner, cams, etc 52 24
Intake manifold w/ rubber carb blocks, bell crank 101 46
Pistons, pins, liners, rods w/ caps & nuts 14 7
Oil pump 2 1
Sump and sump bottom 15 7
Misc timing chains, bearings, nuts, bolts 20 9
Complete engine incl flywheel 250 115


Alfa Romeo spares

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