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Via Veloce by Wille R.     On the Internet since November 1995 and still here.

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Next First published 1996 February 21

Italian spiders are always Rosso, eh?  dot www. 
Well, not all of them but . . .  

The complete charts sorted dotby code  and dotby name.  Have a look at the pictures of Duettos in the various colours. The 1968 colour information From the sales material and is here: colour chart, then the Duetto options, the Berlina combinations and the GT Veloce chart.


My Alfa Romeo Duetto and Fredrik's alfa Romeo 2000 Spider at
Terme Montecatini in Toscany 2007.

Here you may find the red colour codes used by Alfa Romeo OEM. Rosso is my favourite colour. Roundt-tails also came in white, green, blue, black, silver etc. I have focused on the red colour codes. The code numbers are easy to find, since they are the same used by PPG, DuPont etc. paint shops.

The red colour is the classic Alfa Romeo racing standard. Italian racing cars were always red. Today only (?) Ferrari has the red colour in F1 of the Italian racing teams. It is rather odd to see that Alfa Romeo changed the tone from bright red, close to orange, to the burgundy / blue tone through the years. You will find the colour code on a small plate under the boot lid to the right. If you respray, any local paint shop will be able to mix the red colour you like if you tell him the OEM #.

The Duetto came in the following colors originally:

Spider 1.6 duetto 1966-1967
Bianco Farina
Rosso Farina
Blu medio
Verde inglese
Grigio Grafite

1750 Spider Veloce 1967-1971
Bianco Farina
Blu medio
Rosso Farina
Verde inglese
Grigio chiaro met.*
*until July 1969

Spider 1.3 Junior 1968-1973
Bianco Farina
Blu medio
Rosso Farina
Verde inglese
Grigio chiaro met.*
Giallo prototipo**
Grigio indaco**
* until July 1969
** fStarting November del 1972

2000 Spider Veloce 1970-1977
Rosso Italia
Verde inglese
Grigio indaco*
Grigio chiaro met.
Giallo prototipo
Bianco Farina
*until September 1976

Spider 1.6/2.0 1980-1983
Rosso Alfa
Nero met.
Grigio chiaro met.
Verde acqua met.

Spider Q.V. 1.6/2.0 1986
Q.V.: rosso e grigio met.
2.0: bianco, rosso, nero e blu medio met.

The 1750 Veloce had these option:

  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Ivory
  • White
  • Light Gray Metallic
  • Apple Green
  • Black
  • Graphite Gray
  • Pininfarina White or Bianco Pininfarina
  • Ivory or Avorio
  • Italia Red or Rosso Italia or ROSSO MONTECATTINI
  • Pininfarina Blue or Bleu Pininfarina
  • Sky Blue or Celeste
  • Metallic Light Grey or Grigio Chiaro Metallizzato
  • British Racing Green or Verde Inglese
  • Black or Nero

The complete charts are also sorted by code  and by name. The 1968 colour information is here: colour chart, then the Duetto options, the Berlina combinations and the GT Veloce chart.

 I have spent lots of time doing this chart, so please ask me first before you copy and use it. Wille R.

Alfa Romeo colour codes for "Rosso"

Alfa OEM code

Colour name


PPG code #

x x x x Rosso Farina '61-62, 67 71290
KF-185504 Rosso Cardinale '62-68 71456
303 Alfa Rosso Corsa '63-68,73 71297
C-9068 Rosso Montecatini '66-69 Glassurit's AR504.
VW-AUDI  "Marsrot"
4506 Rosso Chiaro '68-69 71726
501 Rosso 501 Classico '69-70,74-81 71818
4501 Rosso '69-70 71819
510 Rosso Carmen '71-72 72052
519 Rosso Zagato '73-74 72050
514 Rosso Semaforo '75-85 72051
534 Ruby red poly '77-81 72287
530 Alfa rosso Spider '82-90 72528
537 Rosso Venetia '84 72634
538 Red poly '84 72635 note
547 Rosso Cabernet Spider '87-89 73029 note
552 Rosso Bordeaux '87 73032 note
555 Alfa Rosso 555 '88-90 73151
130 Alfa Rosso 130 '89-94 73464 note
179 Rosso Vinaccia '91 73836 note

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