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Via Veloce by Wille R.  www.veloce.se     On the Internet since November 1995 and still here.


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Via Veloce table of contents.

Welcome to Scandinavia and Sweden in Europe. My Alfa Romeo Via Veloce sites cover the following topics. I started on the Internet November 1995 and have spent a lot of time with the articles, so please do not copy them all over. If you have any comments or wish to add something, please send an E-mail. I always try to answer by return and might be able to help you with your enquiries, so you are always welcome.

Please note that this is an independent and free site and has no connection or agreement with Alfa Romeo/FIAT S.P.A. in Italy. I am just an enthusiast who wants to share my devoted interest in Alfa Romeo. Enjoy!

Wille R.

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dotThe color codes dotMore codes  dotIdentifications dotSpiders 1966-1994
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