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Via Veloce by Wille R.     On the Internet since November 1995 and still here.

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Next First published 1996 October 30                             Duetto pictures for reference

My Alfa Romeo pictures and a lot more!
Good-looking Alfas! Latest pics are placed last.

  1. This is what you see behind the dashboard.
    wpe28.jpg (17289 byte)
  2. Me on a rainy day 1996 in Germany. Always drive with the hood down.
    wpe26.gif (43862 byte)
  3. That handsome guy is me in 1972, in May just after I have bought my car.
    wpe24.gif (88858 byte) 
  4. This photo is from the original sales brochure in 1967.
    dotClick me 
  5. The Spider from a top view.
     sales22.jpg (26030 byte)
  6. Have a glance at the Spider from a different angle. This photo too is a nice desk top pattern.
     alfront1.jpg (15124 byte)
  7. The Spider is quite useful when your girlfriend likes to taste the grapes.
     sales44.jpg (8892 byte)
  8. Gina some years ago at the Riva Hotel at Lago Maggiore. Stina and I met some wonderful Dutch Alfa people there. They were on a vintage tour to Milano. They had an excellent Giulietta Sprint, 1960, but unfortunately, I had no camera. As always, wonderful Alfisti from the Netherlands.
    riva.jpg (8922 byte)
  9. A top view of the interior of my Spider.
    inter11.jpg (10604 byte)
  10. In this picture you may have a look at my "Belle ragazze". Stina sits in my Spider Gina just in front of a nice Villa at Lago Maggiore in Italy.
    stina1.jpg (11040 byte)
  11. This is Fredde and the Spider in 1979 with the hard top on.
    dotClick me
  12. This is my Spider in 1975.
     1975.jpg (13967 byte)
  13. Here you may have a look at my removable steering wheel.
    tjuv.jpg (13142 byte)


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