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Via Veloce by Wille R.     On the Internet since November 1995 and still here.

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Next First published 1997 March 30. Latest Update 2001 May 5                       alfa romeo spares

Alfa Romeo colors               back

The complete charts sorted dotby code  and dotby name.  Have a look at the pictures of Duettos in the various colours. The 1968 colour information From the sales material and is here: colour chart, then the Duetto options, the Berlina combinations and the GT Veloce chart.

You will find the colour code on a small plate under the boot lid to the right. If you respray, any local paint shop will be able to mix the red colour you like if you tell him the OEM #.

Some classic Alfa Romeo colour codes.

Alfa OEM code #

Colour name

AR-008 Bianco P.F. spider- Farina White (also China White, Porcelain)
AR-013 Biancospino - White (also Chalk)
AR-103 Avorio P.F. spider - Ivory
AR-109 Giallo Ocra - Ochre (also Autumn Gold)
AR-112 Ocra Scuro - dark Ochre (also Caramel)
AR-113 Giallo Ginestra - Yellow (also SunflowerYellow)
AR-114 Biondo Champaigne - Champaign blonde
AR-209 Verde Muschio - dark green
AR-213 Verde Oliva Metallica - Olive Green Metallic
AR-216 VerdePino - Pine green
AR-217 Verde Vivo P.F. spider - Green
AR-301 Celeste P.F. spider - light blue
AR-323 Bleu P.F. spider- Farina Blue (also Skipper Blue)
AR-324 Blu Cobalto Medio - medium blue
AR-327 Bluette - Petrol Blue
AR-330 Azzuro Spazio- space blue
AR-342 Blu Francia - French Blue
AR-343 Blu Olandese- Dutch blue (also NavyBlue)
AR-501 Rosso Alfa - Alfa red
AR-509 Rosso Amaranto- amaranth (also called Plum)
AR-514 Rosso Italia P.F. spider- Farina Red (also called Signal Red
AR-516 Faggio - DarkMaroon (also AmbassadorMaroon, Aubergine)
AR-537 Blu Chiario Met. - light blue metallic
AR-701 Aqua di fonte - Springwater
AR-716 Grigio grafite - Graphite Grey
AR-724 Grigio Beige- Beige
AR-727 Grigio Chiario Met. - Light Grey Met.
AR-728 Grigio Medio met. - Medium Grey Met.
AR-735 Grigio Indaco - Grey
AR-736 Antracite Inglese- English Graphite
AR-818 Bruno Fondo -Maroon
AR-821 Beige Cava - Beige
AR-901 Nero - black
AR 525 Raspberry (on GTV only)
AR 227 MossGreen (on Berlina and GTV)
AR 827 Champagne Metallic(on Berlina and GTV)
AR 119 Canary Yellow (Spider only)
AR 219 Racing Green (Spider only)
AR 510 Carmen Red (Spider only)
KF22345 Alfa red
KF12924 Alfa red
KF16815 Alfa red
KF8550 Cardinal red
KF15485/ 21992 Graphite Grey
KF18012 Light gre
F18927/ 22247 Light green
KF22247 Light green 
F13749 Aqua
KF22248 Aqua
KF17908/ 22343/ 20323 Bluette
KF18655 Dark blue
KF16869 Iseo blue
KF19643 Sirius blue
F18657- AR322 Sky blue
KF20005 Gardenia White
KF9447 Gardenia White
KF22133 Gardenia White
KF13105 White
KF18651 White
KF15478 White
KF15480 Indian Ivory
AR003 Silver
AR008 Bianco spino, Thorn White, PininFarina White, China White/Porcelin White
AR008/900 Bianco
AR013 Bianco spino, Pearl White, Chalk White, Ermine White,  Thorn White
AR014 Zagato  White
AR015 Bianco  Capodimonte, Shell White, Chalk White
AR015/600 Bianco Capidimonte
AR022 Silver Pearl metallic
AR022/00C Bianco Metallizatto
AR023 White
AR103 Avorio PInInFarina, Ivory
AR103/600 Avorio, Ivory
AR109 Giallo Ocra, Ocra Yellow
AR110 Giallo Ocra, Ochre Yellow
AR112 Giallo Scuro Caramel
AR115 Champagne Metallizatto
AR116 Giallo Piper , Piper  Yellow
AR117 Zagato  Yellow
AR118 Champagne poly 
AR119 Canary Yellow
AR127 SunflowerYellow
AR129 Avorio
AR129/400 Avorio
AR130 Alfa red 130
AR179 Red VInaccia
AR205 Sand Beige
AR209 Verde Muschio
AR211 Farina Red
AR212 Alfa red
AR213 OLIVA Metallizatto, Olive Green Mist,Maroon
AR214 DarkMaroon
AR216 PInE Green
AR217 Apple Green, Vivid Green
AR219 Racing Green, English Green
AR223 Verde Medio
AR224 Verde Metallizatto
AR 227 Verde Muschio Chiario (MossGreen)
AR 230 Verde ISCHIA
AR231/700 Verde Falto Metallizatto
AR 231 Verde Falto Metallizatto
AR 232 Maltese Green
AR 234 VerdePino
AR 235 Verde Olivo Metallizatto
AR 239 VerdonE
AR 240/00C Verde Metallizatto
AR 242/00C Verde Aqua Metallizatto
AR 242/40C Verde Aqua Metallizatto
AR 243 Aqua metallic
AR 243/00C Aqua metallizatto
AR 245 Verde Petrolia
AR 246 Green metallic
AR 246/00C Green Metallizatto
AR 246/90C Verde Chiario Metallizatto
AR 247 Garbardine
AR248 Green metallic
AR371 Stella Blue metallic
AR103 Ivory
AR230 White
AR821 Desert Beige
AR 643 Champagne
AR836 Choccolate Brown
AR 102 or 258 Yellow
AR109 Ochre
AR103 Straw
AR119 Canary Yellow
AR127 SunflowerYellow
AR735 Misty Grey/ Indigo Grey
AR 776 Antracite (Charcoal)
AR509 Plum / maroon
AR 130 Alfa Rosso 130
AR501 Alfa red
AR 179 Rosso VInaccia
AR514 SIGnAL Red
AR304 Carmen Red, Farina Red
AR 146 Bordeaux red
AR 179 VInaccia Red
AR312 Medio Blue
AR342 Medium Dark Blue
AR343 NavyBlue/Dutch Blue
AR348 Le Mans Blue
AR357 SaphireBlue metallic
AR349 Periwinkle Blue metallic
AR359 LightBlue
AR365 LightAQUA metallic
AR369 Midnight Blue
AR370 Stella Blue
AR375 Blue metallic
AR323 Preussian Blue/ Farina Blue/ Medium Blue
AR330 Azzurro Spazio
AR 306 Green
AR219 Racing Green
AR209 MossGreen
AR516 Aubergine - Dark maroon 
AR525 Raspberry Plum
AR530 Alfa red
AR534 Ruby Red metallic
AR538 Red metallic
AR545 OPALE metallic
AR555 Alfa red
AR901 Black
AR 601 Black
AR602 Orange  metallic
AR712 Light Grey  metallic
AR727 Silver metallic
AR728 Medium Grey metallic
AR817 Black
AR 602 Black metallic
AR337 Turqoise metallic-Saphire Mexico  Azzurro
AR 477 Blue metallic
AR 364 Green metallic
AR213 Olivemetallic
AR728 Gunmetal metallic
AR518 Ruby metallic
AR727 Silver metallic
AR736 Anthracite/ English Anthracite
AR737 Silver metallic
AR748 Silver metallic
AR749 Silver metallic
AR676 Silver metallic
AR751 Light Silver metallic
AR754 Silver metallic
AR759 Dark Silver metallic
AR 676 Argento Silver
AR524 LightBroWn metallic
AR827 Beige Chiaro metallizatto
AR837 Bronze metallic
AR837/00C Bronzo Metallizatto
AR839 Beige Cipria
AR842 Bronze metallic
AR842/00C Bronzo metallizatto
AR842/80C Bronzo metallizatto
AR843 Beige metallic
AR843/00C Beige Champagne metallizatto
AR844 Beige Chiario
AR846 Mocha Brown
AR847 Marrone Teste di Moro
AR847/90C Marrone Teste di Moro
AR848/00C Bronze Valentino metallizatto
AR851 Beige Visone
AR851/600 Beige Visone
AR852/00C Beige metallizatto
AR853 Marrone Opaco
AR855 Champagne metallic
AR855/00C Champagne PInInFarina Metallizatto
AR856 Bronzo metallizatto
AR901 Nero
AR905 Nero
AR907 Nero Metallizatto
AR908 Charcoal  metallic
AR909 Black metallic
AR910 Nero (matt)
AR911 Nero Fumo
AR913/00C Nero Pastello
AR914 Black
AR914/00C Nero Pastello
AR973 Ajaco Black


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